Forever Repurchased: The Brow Holy Grail

Now and then I'll stumble across a product that I genuinely wonder how I've done without. I first picked up the Eyeko Brow Gel as part of a set when I was looking to replace my favourite liquid eyeliner with one of a similar or better standard from a cruelty free brand. Eyeko ticked that box and actually when I went to purchase the eyeliner, they had a great deal on the Mini Eye Wardrobe which contained aforementioned liner, as well as a mascara and brow gel, so I decided to pick that up to see what the other products were like, too.

The mascara was good, the eyeliner great, but the stand out product from this set, ironically, was something I didn't even know I needed - the brow gel. I spend a fair amount of time putting my brows on each morning - granted, I've moved on from my mid noughties Scousebrow phase, thankfully, and as for that faded out look that seems to be so popular now, forget it - how the hell do you do that?! I use a cheap brow pencil to fill in my brows to their natural shape and that's that. Until I tried the Eyeko brow gel. It fills out my brows exceptionally whilst keeping them in shape and tidy, the gel is lightweight and not too thick that it gloops or leaves residue, nor so thin that it dries to flakes as some gels do. 

I finished my current tube just before Christmas and Adrian kindly repurchased the full size for me for a present which I am thrilled about! In the interim I picked up a very cheap gel from Collection, usually I like the Collection products (cruelty free and everything is under £3) but in this case, buying cheap was paying twice - the brow gel was awful. Awful colour, hopeless consistency, felt like I had hair gel on my brows which then went all crispy and disgusting. I used it twice and consigned it to the bin - what a waste of £2.79!

Happily I now have the brow holy grail back in my makeup bag, and I hope that this will last a good few months because at £18 this product isn't cheap, but it is worth it.

XO Amie
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