Products I've Used Up #39

I find it quite interesting how posting these 'empties' write ups really help ground my beauty product consumption. I used to be very impulsive with makeup and beauty purchases - and fashion too, really - but I find looking back over things I've used and enjoyed helps me to shop more effectively. I only buy what I need to replace; I can normally find something I think I've run out of if I have a root through my bathroom cabinet, and without loads of products to get through, I don't feel overwhelmed with stuff, which is important to me. In any case, stockpiling beauty products is usually quite counter productive as these things have a shelf life - many's the time I've gone to try something I bought yonks ago for no real reason only to find it's a bit 'off' and I've had to sling it out.

To wit, though, my latest empties post, and this is the best of times and the worst of times for my skincare regime (and wallet.) There were some wins here and some absolute fails too! Ok, maybe 3/4 wins and a quarter fail, so not as bad as all that, but it's frustrating when the product you think will be amazing turns out not to be, and that was the case with this Body Shop foundation. I am gutted about this because it was a great colour match for me, it was in the sale, and I really hoped it would be a winner as I rate The Body Shop. I religiously buy the ginger shampoo, I love their makeup brushes, adore the body butters, and have a couple of bits from the makeup range but this foundation was just not working for me. It applied fairly well, although it soaked into my beauty blender perhaps worse than any other foundation I've ever tried before. I got through the bottle in about six weeks which is ridiculous, usually foundations last me six months or more. On top of that, the coverage was lovely, sheer and dewy but it didn't stay like that; I'm not sure if it's just my skin per se or if anyone else has experienced this but by the end of the day, it looked dry and flaky - exactly what I don't want in a foundation. So this was a bit of a failure and I wouldn't buy it again.

Things I would buy again, though, come in the form of this Sukin eye serum - amazing, costs about £14, lasted months and actually did help with my eye wrinkles! The only reason I'm yet to repurchase is because I have a few sample sachets to use up, but once I've finished those I'll definitely rebuy. The Natural Collection concealer has already been repurchased; I love this and for the price, you can't ask for more. It applies so creamily and blends perfectly. I think Natural Collection are well worth a look at especially if you are on a budget - nothing is more than £3 and there are some gems there. I recently picked up the finely milled facial powder to replace my favourite Lush one - Emotional Brilliance - and it's good but I will go back to this Lush one when I've used it up. Unfortch I had to buy new tyres for my car so expensive powder was shelved in favour of a cheaper alternative!

Finally, the Simple hydrating cleansing oil. I am a little on the fence about this one - I wouldn't call it a fail, because I liked using it and it was so effective at removing makeup (better than a micellar water in my opinion) but it smelled like cooking oil, which on the one hand I like because it means there's no synthetic fragrance in there, but on the other hand, is like taking off your making with cooking oil, which isn't so nice! I've since discovered the Super Facialist oil which I talked about here and I think this is the one I would reach for out of the two in future.

XO Amie
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