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My skincare routine always gets a bit of a boost when the weather gets cold because I find colder climes really plays havoc with my skin. It gets so dry and flaky; it's something I struggle with yearly and when the weather changes that seems to set it off. I've been using my go-to Nivea Soft to try and restore a bit of calm, but before I get to that stage, I make sure that I fully cleanse to remove any dry or dead skin, as well as my makeup of course!

I have been using facial oils for a few years now and I do find that, especially with dry skin, they are a lot gentler than even micellar water for makeup removal. I warm a few drops in my hands and then massage over my face and the makeup (even eye makeup) just melts away. I was using a Simple one but then I discovered this Super Facialist one, which is twice the size of the Simple oil for just a couple of pounds more and I actually think I prefer it. It's got a high Vitamin C content and really is like having a mini facial every day. I actually look forward to taking off my makeup! It also smells really good - the Simple version I mentioned had a slight cooking oil scent to it which I didn't like.

The Super Facialist Oil transforms into a light lotion when mixed with water, so I will rinse my face with warm water to remove all surface makeup and impurities, and then go in with a foaming cleanser. Now, my absolute preference is the Sukin Foaming Cleanser which I adore - I've posted about that here and here. Unfortunately it was out of stock when I went to repurchase it for a third time, so I settled ont his soap free Moisturising Facial Wash by Simple. I like this product - it's very thick and creamy and makes a great foaming cleanser on the skin. However, as expected it doesn't stack up to my Sukin favourite so I will be repurchasing that just as soon as this one runs out!

Once the product has created a foam, I use the Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge to work it into the skin. I recently rebought a second one of these - with daily use they recommend updating it every few months - and I really like it. I was using a Konjac sponge previously and I probably would have gone back to a Konjac, had the RT sponge not been £2.99 on offer in Superdrug! It's not as harsh as a Konjac, but softer and really helps the product to foam up, ensuring an excellent clenase.

XO Amie

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