Lush sale haul 

I wouldn't consider myself to be a 'Lushie' in the sense that I would go shopping to one of their stores on Boxing Day (to some furore, Lush decided not to bother with an online sale this year) but I was lucky enough to get a couple of bits for Christmas and I also purchased a couple of things in the sales - I was surprised to find that my local store had quite a lot left, even after Boxing Day. A trip to town in that no man's land between Christmas and New Year meant that I had the chance to have a quick look in store and I was able to pick up a few bits.

Adrian kindly bought me a couple of box sets for Christmas and I was so pleased with them - Rose Jam is one of my favourite Lush scents and I ended up with a body spray, shower gel (Rose Jam - now sadly discontinued I believe) and two Ro's Argan body conditioners, all of which can still be purchased online or instore. I also got a bottle of The Comforter shower cream which I've never used before, but I've tried the bubble bar version of this and it smells glorious so I'm looking forward to trying it.

Something else I was happy to get in the gift set was a bar of Lavender Vida Loca soap. Lavender is probably my favourite plant, I have a tattoo of a lavender stem and I can't walk past a lavender bush without breaking off a couple of heads to put in my pocket. I know it has grannish associations but I just adore the scent, and this soap is probably my favourite from the brand.

A couple of other things I picked up in the 50% off sale (not that I needed any more, but were things I have used before and were replacing!) First up, this Salt & Peppermint Bark body scrub, which I spoke about here and loved, this time last year - I only seem to find this at Christmas, so I picked up another to use. In the same frame of mind I also managed to find a pot of my beloved Buche de Noel (I talked about that here) which is probably my favourite facial cleanser ever (messy but it feels like putting cake on your face) although I think it's now sold out so I'll have to wait for Christmas '18 to stock up on it again. Finally, I spotted this solid perfume in one of my favourite Lush scents - Breath of God - and couldn't pass it up for £4. They have changed the packaging of the lush fragrances (again!) and whilst the chic new labels are probably more instagrammable, I can't help but love these beautifully illustrated pots. I also find they are a lot stronger than their newer counterparts, which is odd! This one should keep me going for a while - I have solid perfumes in Karma, Sikkim Girls, Smuggler's Soul and Kerbside Violet and they are so handy to keep in your bag.

What are your favourite Lush products?

XO Amie
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