Lush Sale Haul / First Impressions

Lush Salt & Peppermint Bark scrub bar, Stardust bath bomb, Shooting Stars soap, Buche de Noel, all bought in the Lush sale

I missed all of the furore surrounding the Lush sale on Boxing day, but logging into my twitter account later in the evening I could see that there had been an internet meltdown over the incapability of the website to cope with customers hell bent on a half price soap. Shoppers got pissy, Lush got sassy, and there was certainly nothing left. I actually visited a Lush store local to me just before New Year, and was really surprised to see that there were a few oddments left in the sale. I spent £10 on this lot and I was really pleased with what I picked up - there aren't normally many clangers in Lush anyway so even if you've not tried a product before, it's usually quite a safe bet.

The first thing I picked up was this Stardust bath bomb. The fragrance of this bath bomb is insane; it's not too soapy or spicy as some bath bombs can be, but instead has a blend of rosewater, vanilla and bergamot which makes it comforting and soothing. It's a white glittery bomb which, on contact with water, fizzes away turning the bathwater a milky shade whilst filling the tub with tiny sequinned stars. A beauty! This was only £1.25 and I wish I'd picked up a few! 

The Salt & Peppermint Bark scrub bar was like nothing I'd tried from Lush before. The solid square block is quite scratchy but perfect for rubbing on the skin in the shower to exfoliate and soften the skin. The smell is fairly mild and quite pleasant, and the bar contains cocoa butter which softens as well as scrubs the skin.  

I've not yet tried the Shooting Stars soap block which I picked up for around £2. It has a citrusy scent and contains bergamot, lemon and lime oils. I'm still using my Bohemian soap by Lush which is also a citrusy type - it's super invigorating and just the thing to wake up tired skin. It's on my legs after a run! I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

Finally on a whim really I thought I'd try the Buche de Noel cleansing scrub. This is a rather strange product, you open the lid and it looks a little like thick fruitcake mixture inside. The scent is divine, sort of almondy, marzipan-y and warming, very Christmassy (it even has brandy in it!) To use, you simply scoop a small amount out, work into a lather with water and apply to the face. I have only used it a handful of times so can't really comment on it properly, however it's left my face incredibly soft and smooth after each use. I am pleased I got this one as I think I will get a lot of use from it. 

This along with some of the other products I bought are suitable for Vegans and as most people know, Lush is at the forefront of ethical and anti-animal testing practices which makes their products appealing to me. I also like that a lot of the products are 'fresh' and made without preservatives or parabens - it's good to know that you are only putting natural ingredients on to the skin.

Did you score anything in the Lush sale?

XO Amie
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