Winter Beauty Warmers

I spoke in yesterday's post about my daily cleansing routine and off the back of that, thought it might be nice to touch on some of the products I reach for when my skin is suffering with the winter temperatures. It's not only the cold that wreaks havoc; it's the fluctuations in temperature that arise from being outside and then inside - hot cars, heated offices and the walks to and from them make for a really drying environment for my skin, at least.

The one thing I use to bring my skin back from the brink is Nivea Soft. I've used this for a few years and I can always rely on it to deliver a shot of moisuture for the skin just when it needs it the most. It deals with the redness flare ups and flaking and is super gentle and doesn't stress my skin out, which is key. I think you can use this all over the body if you wish to, but I use it on my face, and for body moisture I've been obsessed with this Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion. I had a whole bunch of PR samples to get through, and when I'm done I'll definitely buy the full sized product, I think! I liked the product from the off, but after a week of using it daily, I can't believe the difference in the softness of my skin. Even my scaly knees and elbows have been brought back to their best!

Of course, a classic winter beauty symptom is (ugh) a crispy mouth. Constantly licking the lips and drying heating/chill winds make for a terrible combo and before you know it, you're mouth is drier than a biscuit and cracking up. This problem can be resolved twofold; I love the Lush popcorn lip scrub to gently buff away any flaky skin (it basically tastes like sugary buttered popcorn, too, so this step is not a chore) and then I use the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 to replace and replenish the moisture. It's a winning combo.

Finally, for any stubborn dry patches or areas that are just not feeling it, I love this Botanics Super Balm which is incredibly hydrating - I use it on the backs of my hands and my knuckles, which tend to be the driest parts of my hands - and it's so gentle and quickly absorbed. It's great to keep in a bag for using on the go, too.

XO Amie
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