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Blouses, £10 and £15, Topshop

I only posted a 'new in' blog post a couple of days ago and really I should have included these items in that as well - but I thought I'd give them a separate post because they are actually two of the more autumnal items I have picked up recently, hence the title of this post! I really don't want to start thinking about autumn already, but at the same time, I definitely don't need any more summer clothes - I've got enough lovely things to wear despite this very changeable weather!

Both of these items I actually really wanted, so there's that. I ended up exchanging something against them as well, so I returned one shirt I'd bought for my holiday but then didn't wear, and picked up these two in the sale instead. The navy cotton one I'd tried on about a month prior and loved, but it was £29 which was just too expensive. At a tenner, though, I was happy to give it a second look! It's got lots of embroidery and cut out details on it, looks amazing with jeans or worn with smart culottes and is super pretty and easy to wear. You can still shop it here, there are a couple of sizes left.

The second blouse is actually my favourite. I bought this actual blouse from the website but ended up returning it to the store, even though they all sold out within about a minute (something about the colour, fabric and cut is just extra special) but again, I got a bit of spending regret about the price (£34) so I returned it. No one must have liked it as much as me as I spotted it on the sale rail about a month later and at £15, I couldn't leave it behind. I think it will look so good with yesterday's 1940s jeans when it gets a bit cooler.

XO Amie
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