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The Body Shop hemp hand cream (here) Nivea Soft (here)

It's rare that I love a beauty product quite so much that I'll buy it again and again, or even that it becomes so well known as something I like that I end up getting it as a gift, but this is exactly what has happened with these two items. The Body Shop hemp hand cream is something I tried several years ago in desperation; my hands were so dry and nothing I seemed to use had any effect. I was recommended to try this and it is just amazing; as always, the smell is nothing special and takes a little getting used to, and the texture of the product is really thick, so a little goes a long way, but it has helped bring my hands back from the brink on several occasions, so I'll always ask for it as a present (this tube was!) or buy it myself again and again.

This Nivea Soft cream is something I've also raved about on the blog; I had just recently finished a pot of it and I thought I would try to finish up the moisturisers in my bathroom cupboard before buying another one, but I only managed about a week before the old issues I had with my skin cropped up again; dryness, tightness especially across the T-zone, and flaking skin. When I saw this pot of Nivea on offer in Boots, I picked it up straight away and only two applications back in, it's really settling my skin down and made it feel soft, smoothed and nourished again. A snip at about £4 for a huge tub, you can keep your fancy face creams; this one definitely does better.

XO Amie
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