British Summertime

After a lovely couple of sunny weeks back in late June and early July, the end of the month has been a bit of a washout. It's so annoying because technically it's still 'summer' so it just wouldn't be right to get the knitwear out, and it's that muggy weather which is warm, yet rainy, which is again super annoying for giving you trenchfoot whenever you wear a sandal. And I'm definitely not up for wearing boots again just yet!

Despite the poor weather, I am still working a bare leg look because my dress has sleeves, and I think this is important in ensuring that you don't feel too exposed. I read an interesting article about clothing people wear in heatwaves being different to what they would wear on an average summer day, and I think that's true - I might wear a strappy dress when the temperatures push 30 degrees, but when it's 19 degrees and overcast I would just feel like a wally. So, a lightweight dress that provides coverage is a great way to get around a grey day.

This kimono dress is from Shop Tobi and is the first of a couple of pieces that I have from the brand. Based in LA, the brand takes inspiration from across it - the beach, downtown, the high rises of the city and the views from the coast providing an eclectic and cool vibe to the pieces that they sell. This kimono is atypical of that laid back, relaxed style and it would be perfect for the beach, or, as I've styled it, dressed up for the city. I have layered a vest top underneath it as it is very plunging, but I think this works well and with my lace up Whistles shoes I think it looks smart and chic.

XO Amie
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