CC cream vs BB cream

Probably for a few years now I've been using BB or CC creams as opposed to traditional foundation. I suppose I am fairly lucky in that I don't really need a very heavy base, although I wouldn't feel made up without some sort of base product on. I wanted to talk about a couple of products I've used up, and also one that I'm still using, and chat about the differences, benefits and drawbacks of each.

Some background, then: BB stands for 'beauty balm' and is supposed to provide a smoothed and refined look to the skin whilst also helping to ease any skin problems. It doesn't provide 'coverage' as such but rather helps to even out the skin tone - sort of a hybrid between makeup and skincare.

A CC (standing for complexion corrector) cream is similar in texture to a BB cream but may contain a higher SPF, it also focuses on colour correction, providing a tint to the skin like foundations do but without the cakiness or weight.

The Seventeen CC cream was the first CC cream I ever bought, and I had a bit of an on/off relationship with it - initially I quite liked it but then I went off it and reverted back to a more traditional foundation. I loved the texture - really silky and smooth which seems to be a bit atypical of CC creams and although they don't have the coverage of a foundation, I found this one perfectly acceptable for day to day. The Embryolisse one was another great product - this one claimed to be 'one shade' that adjusted to suit all skin tones. I wouldn't agree with this - it was really a bit too dark for me which was OK during the summer as I have a bit more of a tan but it definitely wasn't as good (or as light) as some others I've used. The Seventeen version was much better colour-wise.

The Revlon BB cream has a slightly oilier texture which probably wouldn't make it great for anyone with oily skin. I chose the shade 'light' which was the same as the Seventeen BB cream, although the Seventeen one is definitely darker. I found that this one definitely provides less coverage than the CC creams, although again, it's ideal for day to day wear. I would use a foundation if I was going out for the evening or wanted to feel more put together, but I liked the colour and the weightless texture on my skin.

XO Amie
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