Instagram Roundup: July 2017

Blogging // Reading // Raining // Sunshine // Fave jeans // Fragrance empties // Elle // Sunset // Outfit

July seems to have passed in a flash but there weather was so tumultuous....everything from blazing sun to torrential rain to thunderstorms. My outfits have fluctuated between lovely summery dresses and jeans and jumpers, because the temperature has been super varied, too - boiling and then really rather cold!

Reading materials this month have also varied wildly, from the latest issue of Elle to old classics like Jaws 2 (I read Jaws last month) - read before but always enjoyed.

There seem to have been a lot of beauty posts on the blog this month too; I have been working my way through my bathroom cabinet and had quite a few empties pots to post about as well as finishing up some of my favourite fragrances.

XO Amie
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