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I have to admit, my dental record (ha!) is not great. After I moved to Bristol, I failed to register with a dentist and didn't visit one for 7 years (the shame!) I spent much of my teenage years in braces and whilst my teeth are now nice and straight, I finally got around to visiting the dentist last month. I didn't want all the pain I went through as a teen to be for nothing, and luckily, my teeth were in good order when I did visit. (phew!)

Keeping them that way is helped with an electric toothbrush. This one was kindly sent to me by Pure Smiles, a two site dental practise in West London. Before using one, I felt that my teeth were clean after a regular brush, but they felt so much cleaner after using an electric brush! The round head gets into all of the nooks and crannies and the timer on the brush means that you brush your teeth for the required two minutes each time - no more quick whips round with a manual brush!

This model also comes with a travel case, so it's easy to take with you if you go away. One charge lasts 7 days, which is super useful as you don't need to charge it after every use, and you can buy lots of different types of head to suit your dental needs.

I wanted to try out the Lush Toothy Tabs, too, having heard good things about them. Almost a 'solid' toothpaste, these little tablets are chewed in the mouth which breaks them down, and using a wet toothbrush, they are worked into a foam. They are interesting! I liked the flavour, which is minty but not as synthetic as regular toothpaste. I also tried the solid mouthwash - described as a 'bath bomb for your mouth' these tabs are chewed in the same way as the toothy tabs, swig some water and you have a potent mouthwash! I tried the Creme de Menthe flavour which was delicious. I definitely think it's important to look after your smile - especially if you like to wear bright lipsticks like I do!

XO Amie
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