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Eyeko Mini Eye Wardrobe - shop here

In my quest to switch over my makeup bag to cruelty free products, the most difficult product I've found to replace has been my felt tip eyeliner pen. Regular readers of my blog will recall the struggle I've had finding a good liner pen - I've tried all different kinds, from the cheapest drugstore versions to high end counter ones. I really liked the Collection 24 hour felt tip liner but unfortunately I don't believe this to be cruelty free, so the hunt was on again!

Eyeko is a brand I've used before and I remembered their eyeliner pens being fairly similar in feel to the Collection one. I also needed to get a new brow gel, so when I saw this Mini Eye Wardrobe which included just that, as well as a mascara and liner pen, I thought I'd give it a try. Eyeko are a cruelty free brand and this set cost £20, which is fairly reasonable,  I thought.

The eyeliner pen is lovely. This one is a travel size, so I think the standard size would be easier to handle, but it feels similar to the Collection one in terms of nib size and ease of application. The brow gel is fab - much better than the cheaper Rimmel one I've been using - and while I'm yet to try the mascara, I've heard good things about it so I'm looking forward to giving it a try!

XO Amie
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