Products I've Used Up #32

The beauty cupboard clearout continues and I have been really good at using what I have, and not buying duplicates, although I have realised how much I have that I don't use! I will probably have a big sort out and chuck away a lot of the pots and bottles of product that have sat, unused, in my cupboard for ages. It's a real pity as I always forget that beauty products have a shelf life, like food; I had saved up some soaps I was given because they were almost too pretty to use, and then when I did get to using them, they'd lost all their scent and were definitely past their best. Disappointing! I've tried to make more of an effort to stop saving things, and start using them - a bit like my wardrobe.

The Connock London set that I won in a giveaway has only just finished up, and I absolutely loved it. I posted more about it here. I'm not 100% sure if the brand is cruelty free - it certainly seems to be and they post all of their natural ingredients on their website, but I would have to find out for certain before repurchasing. I would repurchase this product but it was extremely expensive, so it's probably more the sort of thing I'd ask for as a gift!

I got the Elizabeth Arden items in a gift bag and I enjoyed using both of these; the cleanser was nice but not as good as the Sukin one I'm currently loving and the night cream was also pleasant, although again, extremely expensive and I didn't really notice any visible differences to my skin after using it. Unfortch Elizabeth Arden stock their products in China, meaning that although they are cruelty-free in the EU, Chinese law dictates that their products are animal tested there. That aside, I don't think I would rebuy these items as, whilst I quite liked them, I have other versions that I prefer.

The Bee Good cleansing water, however, was something I would repurchase. This Honey & Wild Water Mint cleansing water was super refreshing and lovely to use after removing makeup for a deep cleanse. At £10 it isn't cheap, but a little goes a long way. Finally, the Nuxe dry oil was another funny one - I loved the texture and scent of this product, but it was impossible to get out of the bottle and it looks like there's loads left (there isn't) and I didn't find it was as moisturising as, for example, one of the Lush massage bars I use.

XO Amie
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