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I'm struggling for things to read at the moment, there doesn't seem to be much that catches my eye on the shelves and I've not read any book reviews and thought, oh, I must read that.

So I thought instead, I'd talk about some of the books I've read and enjoyed. 

A Scene in Between - this book is amazing. It's not a novel, more of a factual look back at fashion through different music scenes and eras. I loved how it really related the different genres of music to trends in fashion, and it is also full of wonderful imagery which helps to immerse the reader in the styles of the time.

Chanel - who wouldn't want to read about the life of one of the most influential women in fashion? This biography of Coco Chanel is beautifully written and provides intimate insights into her life.

Luella's Guide to English Style - less of a 'book' than a style guide, this illustration and image-rich tome highlights everything English in terms of style, in a varied and humorous way.

Parisian Chic - Muse to many Ines de la Fressange delves into the psyche of Parisian style and looks at what, innately, makes it so emulated. Despite being able to date a lot of the photos, the looks are still relevant and inherently French, making this a must have for any fan of French style.

Not That Kind of Girl - I've never watched Girls, so maybe I don't have the love for Lena Dunham that everyone else seems to. I didn't enjoy this book that much - it is quite self indulgent and doesn't really go anywhere.

It - Another book that's not a book. This is a collection of random musings by Alexa Chung - a well played effort to (perhaps) capitalise on her popularity and the fact that her fans will buy quite literally anything she's touched. And she has actually touched this book, as it's a signed copy.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin - one of my favourite books of all time. Forced to read it as an A level set book, I quickly went from hating it to adoring it and it still remains one of the only books to make me both laugh out loud and cry when reading it. Beautifully and cleverly written, so different from any of de Bernieres work - definitely his swansong. Tip: don't watch the film.

Inside Vogue - the nosey part of me loves books like this which peeks behind the (carefully edited) curtain of the secretive and exclusive world of a publication such as Vogue. Having worked in events, it's really interesting to read about it from Shulman's perspective - not on the same level, but relatable, all the same.

XO Amie
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