Style Essentials: Straighteners

My bargain of the year so far was unearthed last week when shopping in Boots. I'd actually gone in to buy a lipstick, but I spotted a stand of straighteners priced at £4.99, reduced from £49.99! I stopped to ask a sales assistant if it was an error, but she said that no, apparently they were old Christmas stock so they were incredibly reduced to clear. I bought a pair (obvs) and then told the whole office about it and everyone went and got themselves a pair, too. They aren't full size straighteners, which is ideal as I actually got a new pair for Christmas, but they are travel sized and bigger than the micro ones I have from Topshop, so will be perfect for holidays/doing my fringe. The straighteners came with a heat mat, pouch, mirror and brush, so for £4.99 I can't complain!

Having used lots of different straighteners over the course of my hair-styling life, I have to say that I've always chosen high street brands over ghd's, which is controversial I know, but I think, especially nowadays, the technology is so advanced, they are all about the same standard. I had a pair of ghd 'dupes' which I bought just as ghd's became mainstream; I got them from a salon and prior to this I had used a steam iron (!) they were called 'Ceramic Tech' and cost £100, although they lasted over a decade and only got rather worn out because I used to try and curl my hair with them and the cord perished over time. Following these I had a great pair of Nicky Clarke straighteners which I managed to break (I snapped them by accident) and then I did buy a cheap pair from Boots which were pretty rubbish, and finally got around to replacing them with a Toni & Guy pair from Adrian for Christmas. I also have a micro pair from Topshop which are useful for doing my fringe with, but not much else!

I've just checked the Boots website and this kit is still available but for some reason it's now £20! I still recommend it though so if you're on the look out for a travel sized straightener, you can shop it here. 

XO Amie
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