Alexa Chung in her Briggate trench for M&S

I already have one of Alexa's M&S coats, so I hardly need another, but that age old thing of 'it's a classic' and 'it'll be spring soon' has got me thinking about trying to track down this Briggate trench which sold out immediately upon the launch of Alexa's second collaboration for M&S back in November. I initially wrote it off; I thought that it was a bit 'Miss Whiplash' for my liking and also, slightly terrifyingly, reminded me of a similar coat I had at high school, although that was in a rather fetching shade of oxblood faux leather. It would appear it has come around again, however, as this whole PVC/cracked vinyl look is now everywhere. I dipped a toe into the trend with the mini skirt from this very range, which I'm yet to wear, but I do think that this jacket could be a sensible spring buy - at least it's probably showerproof, so there's that.
I asked Adrian for his thoughts and he said 'well, you do like The Matrix.' I think he's got a point - Trinity would be way fashionable right now, and those Y2K mini sunglasses are totally having a moment; perhaps this is a bandwagon to jump on!

XO Amie
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