Instagram Roundup: February 2017

8 years with Adrian // Spice Girls throwback // new shoes // Fuck Trump by Evolution Streetwear // wardrobe sort out // New Look fragrance // illustration by Adrian // yoga // spring essentials

Despite the shortness of February, it always feels like pay day is so far off and this month I had to get my car MOT'd so I have been rather frugal with my spending! I did pick up a rather ridiculous pair of glittery shoes in the sale at Zara for £7.99, but that's about it in terms of fashion and I think I could justify those!

I've been running a lot this month and with that comes the need to hit the yoga mat and have a good stretch. Running is great but it really works my legs and if I don't stretch properly, I lose my flexibility. I posted about my workout capsule wardrobe earlier this week and I've been enjoying wearing a lot of the patterened leggings for yoga over my usual joggers.

I have been thinking about swapping my wardrobe over in the next few weeks as the weather warms up (!) and gets more spring like. I am so keen to pack away my heavier jumpers and to start thinking about spring fashion rather than being cold all the time - hopefully the weather will cooperate. You can follow me on instagram here.

XO Amie
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