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Heel pads c/o Sticky Heelz

I've always been keen on shoes and as old school blog readers will attest, am often found to be posting a wishlist or highlighting the next great pair that I want to get my hands on (or feet into) but I've always struggled a bit with fit. In an ideal world, I'm a 36.5 in a shoe, which is why so many of my shoes are vintage - they actually fit me perfectly. Modern day sizing tends to be a bit hit and miss; a high street 37 is often roomy and a 36 just a little too tight. I hate the feeling of my feet being squashed so I will usually go for a slightly larger size, although I equally hate the feeling of my feet slipping around in shoes or worse, rubbing up a blister. The struggle is real for those who need an extra half size!

Sticky Heelz offers to combat that with their two part, anti slip heel pads. Crafted from soft foam, the two part strips attach to the back of the heel and the back of the shoe using a velcro-type fixing. The pad on the shoe heels are thicker than the pads for the feet, so they enable shoes that are slippy or slightly too loose to tighten up. The pad that attaches to your own heels is soft and slim so there's no bulk to the foot. Unlike gel pads, Sticky Heelz affix to the shoe and your skin, reducing the risk of them slipping and because they are made of a soft foam fabric, they don't rub or irritate.

Sticky Heelz cost £6.99 and come with 2 shoe pads and 4 heel pads, allowing multiple uses from the product. You can also buy in bulk to save if you, like me, have several pairs of shoes that you love but don't *quite* fit as perfectly as you'd like them to! This is such a useful product and an essential for anyone who loves their shoes. You can shop the range here.

XO Amie

This post is written in collaboration with Sticky Heelz
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