Beauty Dupe: New Look perfume

New Look Devotion perfume here

I don't often buy many perfumes because I have a handful of favourites that I wear constantly, but I do always have a sniff of any that catch my eye - particularly if they are in the sales! I usually steer clear of high street own brand or celebrity fragrances because they always have that very sweet, synthetic scent in them which I really dislike, so I prefer to stick to slightly different, perhaps a bit weird scents - my go to's are Hypnotic Poison by Dior (very divisive) and Sikkim Girls by Lush (again, divisive, my dad once asked me if I'd left my straighteners on the carpet when I wore it! It does have a slightly burnt note to it but it really isn't as bad as it sounds!)

I had a quick spritz of this 100ml 'Devotion' scent by New Look and blow me down if it isn't a complete dupe for the original Chloe scent. I wore that perfume for most of last summer and whilst it's a lot lighter than what I normally wear, it's good for spring, before I replace it with Karma by Lush or Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder during high summer.  Well, for a fiver, I snapped it up! Smelling it side by side with Chloe, I would say New Look's version is slightly lighter, without as much rose as the Chloe version, but checking both fragrance's notes, they are almost identical and if you're a fan of Chloe, this is well worth picking up. The link to the website above is for the 10ml purse spray which is now £1.50 (!) I picked up the 100ml in store and there were plenty left when I bought it so it's worth checking your local store for.

The longevity on this one is obviously not as good as the Chloe one, which I can smell all day, this one does fade off after an hour or so, although I have found that spraying it onto clothing increases its silage and longevity. The bottle is simple and unobtrusive, the packaging plain and simple and overall, for the price, it's an excellent dupe and worth adding to your fragrance collection if you are a fan of clean, floral, rose fragrances.

XO Amie
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