Weekend Agenda

It's the weekend! Despite this week being a 4-dayer, it feels like the holidays are well and truly over and the week has dragged by. Fortunately, TFI Friday and I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend. I shall be mostly shooting blog pictures since the light still makes it impossible to take any snaps after work. I'm also on a shopping mission for some work - apropes trousers and I have some parcels to send at the Post Office - I've been busy selling a few bits and pieces on my Depop account. Next I plan to continue with the Yoga With Adriene #YogaRevolution of which I'm a day behind, so need to catch up. Finally I have a pair of jeans to mend (buttons broken) and a cardigan to fix (need to patch the elbow.) I also want to get out for a run at some point, I hope the weather picks up!
XO Amie
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