Superga in winter

Leopard print Superga from Spartoo

I feel like 2017 is going to be another year I spend looking to Ms Chung for sartorial inspiration - not least because it's the year her own range is finally supposed to be coming out, so I can buy into her style in even more ways. Not only do I have her book and most of her M&S range, and I probably would have bought into her Madewell and AG Denim ranges but so expensive, I can also get my hands on her shoes, too.

This campaign is a few years old now, heck, she actually wears Vans trainers and converse a little more these days (I wonder if she had to wear Superga by contract?!) but I still think that she just looks lovely in it; of course, I am not blessed with long, slim pins such as hers so I think it would be a pipe dream to think I could achieve this sort of a look in reality, but I do love the fit of a Superga and I particularly like this leopard print pair. I think Alexa would approve, everyone knows leopard print is my favourite colour and I think she's partial to it, as well. I like the style of this pair also - the 5 eye lace holes and the actual faux fur shouldn't work on a shoe, but it does; they almost look a little velvety, perfect with jeans. Or a scrap of a white mini dress, if you're Alexa.

XO Amie
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