Instagram Roundup: January 2017

New foundation // Chiropractor // S-Thetics at Bristol Plastic Surgery // Lush haul // Breakfast // Outfit // Casual look // Vintage jumper // Desk lunch

One thing I like about posting these Instagram roundups is the chance to look back over the previous weeks and see what I got up to. January was perhaps the longest month on record because I was paid before Christmas and have only just been paid again - I'm sure plenty of you will feel that pain! I didn't go overboard in the sales as Christmas was expensive, of course, but I picked a few bits up in Lush and I also invested in some new workout wear - post to come on this!

Everyone is on a health tip come January but I am still polishing off the Christmas chocolate, although I've tried to make up for it with healthier meal options and porridge and fruit for breakfast. I like to eat well, I've been vegetarian since I was 14 and I enjoy all fruits and vegetables, so I do feel quite lucky in that regard as it can't be easy if you genuinely dislike those things. I try to steer clear of processed foods and whilst I do have a sweet tooth, I think moderation is key. I don't feel the need to restrict my diet; I enjoy being a vegetarian and I am also an active person and I love running, yoga and ballroom dancing so I think a healthy, varied diet is definitely key.

I have noticed that my skin takes a hit, though, if I have a weekend drinking or have too many late nights. This year I'll turn 34, and though I've had a skincare routine since I was in my teens, I have enjoyed trying out products more suited to more mature *sob* skin. The Fire & Ice facial I reviewed here was a great starting point and I've been loving these iS Clinical products. Likewise, I took the decision to sort out some longstanding back issues towards the end of last year and finally got around to visiting a chiropractor. She has helped immensely and the continual pain I was in, and learning to live with, has finally subsided, meaning I can get even more enjoyment from being active. I started running last year and that was only really because I was finally able to move without limping; unfortunately hip and leg pain travelled up into my shoulder and as soon as one area was fixed, another was in pain, but I feel ever so much better now and I'm enjoying running even more as a result.

 I haven't shopped for too much clothing wise in the sales - I really think that at this time of year, I've enough in my winter wardrobe to suffice. I don't want to buy any more coats or boots! I've kept loosely to the capsule wardrobe principles and try to avoid the clutter of getting bogged down in too much. It's quite refreshing to actually replace items I've worn out, rather than having loads in 'back stock' that I only kind of like! 

XO Amie
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