Patent Boots

Wearing: Whistles boots (here) Archive by Alexa at Marks & Spencer coat (similar here) vintage jumper (similar here), ASOS jeans (similar here) ASOS beret (here)

My project for this weekend is to because these pictures were taken a week or so ago and look how long it is. It seems to have grown longer still and now gets in my eyes continually so I intend to chop it back a bit, to a more manageable length. My hair in general needs a trim, I think a bit off the length would be nice as it's got a little straggly now although I love it being long, I want it to look healthy, and especially with the blonde balayage that isn't always the case.

This week the seemingly continual drizzle put paid to any outfit pics! I am so over winter now, the fashion has already moved forward but the weather has not. I am definitely getting the wear out of my vintage jumpers, although I can't wait to wear sandals and ballet pumps again, and put all my woolies and tights away.

That being said, this coat has been a great stalwart over the winter - I've worn it a fair bit but it looks in good nick, even though a button has fallen off (which I need to re affix) and it seems to go with everything. I like the length and the style; it's really me, I wanted to get into the realm of bomber jackets but they just don't seem to suit me. I have one vintage leather one which is alright but the athleisure trend, though I think is fabulous, just isn't my style. So I'll have to stick with my un-hip military style frock coat for now, but that's ok with me.

XO Amie
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