The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Last week, I visited S-Thetics at Bristol Plastic Surgery to try out the acclaimed iS Clinical 'Fire & Ice' facial. I first learnt about this treatment, and the iS Clinical products, when I visited S-Thetics at the end of last year, and met the surgeon leading these wonderful skincare treatments, Miss Sherina Balaratnam. Specialising in non-surgical skincare, S-Thetics seeks to balance these with skin wellness using treatments and products; offering advanced skincare and medical grade facials. The products used in the Fire & Ice facial are by iS Clinical, who produce results driven, botanical based pharma grade cosmeceuticals, such as the serums I talked about here and the cleansing complex that has really helped to change my skin here.

Sherina kindly invited me back to the surgery after the initial visit, to experience the Fire & Ice facial for myself. I was welcomed into the beautiful building on Queens Square in Bristol, and shown to a calming and relaxed waiting area. There were plenty of products to look at on display, together with lots of information about the different procedures available.

After a quick chat with Sherina, I was introduced to Lisa who would be performing the facial, after a VISIA consultation. Lisa was so friendly and talked me through the steps of the procedure. I began by putting a headband on and removing my makeup, so that the VISIA machine could take three images of my skin - one from the front, and one from either side. The photographs then allow the specialist to see below the surface layer of the skin; accounting for pores and wrinkles, bacteria, texture, brown spots and sun damage. These aspects are then graded against a pool of clients of the same age as yourself, enabling you to see where you would fit in that group. My scores for pores and wrinkles were very good, in the 80% and 90% ranges for my age, which was really interesting and I think possibly in part thanks to the iS Clinical cleanser that I've been using for the last couple of months - I've seen such a difference to pores on my face that I am sure this is why my score was so good. Unfortunately, I scored a terrible 11% for sun damage, which was initially surprising to me, as I am very careful about using an SPF and making sure the sun isn't on my face when I'm on holiday - however, I burned badly as a teen and Lisa informed me that just one bad experience of sunburn can cause this damage. However, it can be halted from worsening by using correct skincare and making sure to use an SPF daily, something I do try to do but will make doubly sure I do from now on!

From these detailed photographs, Lisa was able to see what sort of state my skin was in and that the Fire & Ice facial would be a good treatment for me - she suggested that if I had had any problem areas which had shown up on the pictures, she could tailor the facial by leaving the masques on for a slightly shorter time. Even though the Fire & Ice is an intensive medical grade facial, it uses pharmaceutical ingredients to promote rapid and safe resurfacing of the skin, reducing fine lines and encouraging cellular renewal.

To begin the facial, Lisa cleansed my entire face with the iS Clinical cleansing complex which I've been using twice daily for the last couple of months. Next, the first of two masques were applied, the 'fire' masque being an intensive resurfacing masque which is so called as it heats up on the face when applied. There was certainly a feeling of heat to my skin after application but this wasn't unbearable, and Lisa reassured me that if it felt in any way uncomfortable, to let her know and she would remove it. It was left on for a few minutes and then removed with a warm towel. Next, the rejuvenating masque was applied. This potent product contains antioxidants and soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. After being left on for a few minutes, this was again removed and finally a tiny amount of serum applied to the skin, and the facial was complete.

On first inspection, my skin looked refreshed, and instantly renewed. I was concerned that, given the heat of the 'fire' part of the facial, my skin would look red or sore, but this was not the case at all; my skin looked soft and smoothed, with pores instantly refined and there was no tightness or shine to my skin at all. If I had been going out, I would have been able to apply makeup as needed, but as I was going home, there was no need to perform any other skincare that evening. This facial delivers an anti-ageing, anti-acneic treatment with a view to restoring luminosity and evening the complexion with zero downtime - Lisa mentioned that often, clients will have a facial on the morning of a big event. Some brides even choose this facial on the day of their wedding!

Loved by Hollywood actresses and models alike, this treatment was a slice of luxury for my skin. There really was no downtime; I experienced a minimal amount of peeling the following day, but barely anything at all and this is a possible result. Almost a week later, my skin is looking the best it has looked in a long time - blemishes are reduced and scarring minimised, my pores are almost invisible and my complexion is clear and the texture smooth. I am incredibly impressed with the results that this facial has delivered and, though a luxury, it's definitely made me consider the place that medical grade skincare has in my daily routine.

If you'd like to try the Fire & Ice Facial at S-Thetics at Bristol Plastic Surgery, you can enjoy £25 off your first treatment, and a complimentary consultation, when you quote 'Launch' when booking. To try the facial for yourself, you can contact the surgery on 0117 910 2409 or email to find out more.

S-Thetics are also hosting a Red Carpet event at Bristol Plastic Surgery on Wednesday 1st February. From 10am - 5pm, you can experience the Express HydraFacial and learn more about this amazing new treatment which is now available at S-Thetics. £30 will secure your place at the event, please contact the surgery using the contact details above to book your appointment.

XO Amie

This post is written in collaboration with S-Thetics, but all views and opinions are my own.
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