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I've spoken before about the Depop app, which is basically a cross between eBay and Instagram. I started off using it just to sell a few bits and pieces from my wardrobe, and I have continued to use it to buy as well as to sell. There seems to be a great selection of vintage on the site, and I've found some fantastic, friendly vintage sellers who have amazing stock there. My favourite is @catseyesvintage who dabbles in denim and leopard print, amongst lots of other things - what's not to love!

Since setting up my capsule wardrobe, I've found I have much less to sell because, in reality, I'm buying much less. Focusing on key things that I love, and actually need, has negated the 'fast fashion' mindset that I used to shop with. Indeed, visiting a shop and buying clothing is something that has become quite obsolete to me lately, and when I did head into town on Saturday for a new store opening, I bought about 5 items but will be returning over half of those. I have become much more of a considered shopper and as such my wardrobe has become a little more static.

There are, of course, items that I've bought but never worn, or worn maybe a couple of times but aren't quite right somehow, and this is where Depop comes in. Easy to use and a great way of networking with other bloggers and fashionistas, it's definitely become my go-to for inspiration in a lot of ways, similarly to early-days Instagram. Many sellers are open to offers and also fairly happy to do bundle deals if you see more than one thing you like from them - if you are sensible and polite, and don't expect them to accept unreasonable offers, you can often find some real bargains.

Check out my items for sale on Depop on the app - just search @amieisdancing.

XO Amie
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