For sale on Depop

Some pieces for sale on Depop

I have collected clothes and shoes for many years, and have built up a large collection over the years. Whilst I'd like to keep everything, I do think that sometimes I have so much that I hardly ever wear any of it; partly the reasoning behind the capsule wardrobe project that I've been undertaking was to address this issue. A lot of what I have is in very good condition; things I've bought on a whim or not really ever worn that much, so I am selling some of these things via my Depop account. You can find me on the app @amieisdancing, and send me a message if there is anything you like! If you've come from the blog I'm sure I can do you a deal!

My Etsy shop is still up and running but I am having a sort through of stock at the moment and I will be uploading more to that in the new year. In the meantime, I am using Depop to clear out some of the extra things that might not have worked in the Etsy shop or that I no longer wear, so there is a mixture of vintage and high street items there. Do check it out if you are looking for new clothes/shoes/accessories for your wardrobe!

XO Amie

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