Brantano Charity Shoe Swap

Brantano calls for unworn shoes for charity
Shoe retailer Brantano, located at Abbey Wood Retail Park, will be pulling its socks up and donating shoes to charity throughout November as it launches its latest campaign.
With an estimated 20,000 tonnes of wearable footwear discarded in the UK each year*,
Brantano is calling on the people of Bristol to hand in their old shoes, no matter how loved they once were, if they’re no longer worn regularly and they will in turn be donated to Clothes Aid.
The Shoe Swap campaign launched this week, and all donated footwear will be sold in European markets through the Clothes Aid, with proceeds going towards a number of UK charities.
Karen Staton, Retail Operations Director, said: 
“We know many people cling on to shoes which no longer see the light of day, but we’re calling on everyone to hand these in to us for this great initiative and raise money for charity in the meantime. So free some space on the shoe rack because those who donate their old shoes can even save themselves money on a new pair with us.”
Michael Lomotey, Business Manager at Clothes Aid said: 
“Unwanted shoes take up space in cupboards and hallways up and down the country, and we’re asking people to ‘step up’ and donate them.”
 “People may have fallen out of love with some of their shoes, but through Clothes Aid, they
can become treasured once again by somebody else and this will help us raise vital funds
for UK charities"
I love this idea,  as it means that Charities benefit from footwear no longer worn or needed, and the shoes themselves becomes someone else's treasure, rather than clogging up landfill sites or being left to degrade. With Christmas fast approaching, it's a perfect time to have a sort out and donate a pair (or a few!) to your local Brantano branch. You will also receive £10 off a £20 in-store purchase if you donate - there's no better reason to treat yourself to a pair of party heels whilst also helping support a fantastic cause. 

* Clothes Aid & WRAP, Demonstration projects for re-use collections from businesses and
the public sector, 2015

XO Amie

This post was written in collaboration with Brantano.
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