Winter Fragrance Favourites

Winter Fragrance Favourites: Miss Dior (original) by Christian Dior here // Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior here // White Musk Smoky Rose by The Body Shop here // Sikkim Girls by Lush here

Winter calls for a switch up in my perfume selection and it is with some sadness I pack away the remains of my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and Gwen Stefani L. which are two of my favourite scents but definitely fit the warmer months a lot better. However, I'm excited to begin wearing some of my other favourites; two of which are by Dior and if I had to claim a signature scent, I think Hypnotic Poison would be it.

I first smelled this perfume earlier this year and, as with Sikkim Girls, quickly became obsessed with it. Hypnotic Poison is an oriental vanilla, similar in makeup to Sikkim Girls but also very different; it doesn't have the smoky edge of the Lush fragrance but it does have the jasmine and musk elements. It's a lot smoother than Sikkim Girls and lasts all day on the skin; the only drawback to this scent is the price which is insane. I do find I don't need to use that much, though, so I am able to make it last!

Sikkim girls is an all time favourite and one that I always return to. Having discovered Karma by Lush a couple of years ago, which I wore exclusively, I liked the more subtle mix of scents that Sikkim Girls offered - it is a lot less heavy on the patchouli and orange which makes it a little more workplace friendly as the throw - or silage - of Lush perfumes is enormous, so everyone will know you are wearing it.

Miss Dior Original is another scent that is quite divisive as it smells nothing like the modern Miss Dior which is sweet and floral, and not something I'd choose for myself. The original is a classic granny scent, it almost smells a little like Chanel no.5 and is woody and powdery. Created in 1947, this bottle is a true vintage and I am slightly hesitant to use it as the product was re-formulated in 2011 and the 'newer' version is a much fresher, greener chype. I actually like the old fashioned, powdery scent which has elements of leather, jasmine and gardenia. The dry down is particularly lovely and really showcases the different facets of the fragrance which are almost a little masked on initial application.

Finally, another favourite which I have revisited for winter 2016. I have worn White Musk Smoky Rose since its launch in 2013; this is such a great everyday fragrance for winter. I love the muskiness of the rose and the slightly smoky, tobacco element which sets it apart from other cheaper high street fragrances; I really don't like that artificially sweet, syrupy floral which seems to be in so many high street scents, so this is a perfect alternative, and it's also very affordable. I chose the Eau de Parfum for the most accurate representation of the scent.

XO Amie
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