Style Essentials: Trainers #2

Vans c/o Spartoo

Casual footwear is always something I've struggled with, especially as I would not consider myself to be a trainer person at all. Apart from performance trainers for running, which I spoke about briefly here, and a battered pair of converse, I really don't wear trainers frequently at all, and I don't mind it. I always feel so dressed down in trainers, and whilst I like to wear casual clothes of course, it's amazing how much more polished a ballet flat or ankle boot can make a pair of ripped jeans feel.

That said, it's not always practical to wear slip ons or heeled boots; there is definitely a space for a smarter trainer in my shoe-drobe, and this pair of Vans fits it nicely. I got them from Spartoo, who have a huge range of casual footwear, and I actually first saw the grey suede version of this style, which I really liked. Simple, but still pretty chic; I felt that they were a little more wearable (for me, at least) than white trainers or high tops, (which I've tried, but don't suit my stumpy legs at all!

I also like to wear a lot of vintage, as regular readers will know, and there's something about a pair of old-school vans that seems to work really well with that look. Whether its with my sawn-off Levis, a leather mini, or a shearling coat, it adds that edge to a vintage look that makes it modern in a way that a Nike blazer just couldn't do. I also like the fact that they aren't too wide; I think another reason I rarely choose trainers is that I have a narrow foot and clompy shoes make me feel as if I have clown feet. I don't think these do that - well, hope not! Ronald McDonald is not a look!

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Spartoo
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