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Nike Roshe Run trainers shop here

I never used to be a big fan of trainers. I would wear them to exercise and that would be it! I went for a long time never even owning a pair a part from some decidely ropey running shoes! I included a pair of Vans in my autumn capsule wardrobe, and I actually found the really wearable; with jeans for a dressed down day or even with smarter trousers to add an edge to a more formal look. Never with tights on the commute though!

When it came to switching out my wardrobe for the winter capsule I swapped the vans for these khaki Roshe Run trainers from Nike. They are so lightweight compared to the Vans and I know this style is quite popular at the moment, and it's easy to see why as they do look great with most things! I chose a darker colour in these as I thought they would be more wintery and also work well with most of the items I already have picked out for the capsule.

The other great thing about these is that they come in a half size! I can never find a UK 3.5 which is a perfect fit for me as most shops don't offer half sizes, so I have to make do with a slightly too big or too small shoe, but these ones fit perfectly.

Do you wear trainers? 

XO Amie
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