Instagram Roundup: October 2016

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October has been a lovely month in terms of the weather, it's been unseasonably warm and also fairly sunny and a lot of that weather has coincided with the weekends, which is a real treat! Now that the clocks have changed and Autumn is really here, the dark mornings and evenings make me appreciate the sunshine even more.

I've picked up a few new bits for my wardrobe and I've talked about them here. I tried not to go overboard on wintery clothes as I had a few things left from last year and I wanted to see what I had before I bought more. I am pleased with the way my wardrobe is looking at the moment, I feel I've got a good selection of things to wear without feeling overwhelmed. I have packed away all my summer clothes now which is quite sad, but I am looking forward to wearing my nice jumpers and leather pieces now that the weather is cooler.

Of course, leopard print is my favourite colour and I had to get a couple of new pieces for the coming season. I picked up some leopard print boots from River Island, and when I spotted this leopard collar coat in New Look, I couldn't resist! It's been a welcome upgrade from my thinner Urban Outfitters leather jacket I wore so much over the summer.

XO Amie

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