Style Essentials: Espadrilles #2

Espadrilles, Flatforms, Lace up shoe styles by BT London at Spartoo

Espadrilles by BT London at Spartoo

I posted here about some espadrille wedges that I was keen to get my hands on and whilst I haven't managed to find the perfect Alexa-style pair, I have definitely become obsessed with the summery vibe that an espadrille adds to any look. No longer just about the simple cotton slip on style, this rope-soled star has lent it's defining detail to a whole host of other styles-from flatforms to sandals, slipper styles to lace ups. It's safe to say I want them all!

Flatforms are possibly the most obvious move on from this stacked, rope sole and a couple of styles in particular have worked really well. I love the simple leather strapped sandal on the flatform sole-they remind me of a favourite Topshop pair I had years ago which had a wooden sole. I had to part with them after I broke my foot wearing them - the flatform was perhaps a bit higher and, being wood, had no give-if you were to trip, you'd end up on the floor. I fell off a kerb wearing them and couldn't wear them again afterwards - they gave me the fear! Perhaps the only time a shoe has defeated me!

I also like the idea of taking the basic espadrille style and smartening it up a little. A slipper shoe last makes the perfect update and this zebra print pair are super quirky. I can't decide which colourway I like better - the brown or the white ones! I also think that adding laces to make a sneaker/espy hybrid is a great idea. The toecapped pair remind me a lot of Chanel styles and I like the simplicity of the ecru pair with the twine laces. I think they'd look great with jeans.

If a sandal is more your thing, there are options alternate to the classic wedge. The basis of the style has been transformed into a flat with a thicker sole and ankle strap, which is a nice take on such an iconic shape. I also like the chunky birkenstock style with the snakeskin design straps - perfect for a summer spent slouching in the sun. (Perhaps not in the UK then!)

XO Amie

This post was written in collaboration with Spartoo
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