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Girlboss Sophia Amoruso #girlboss

Currently reading: Sophia Amoruso, #GirlBoss

After a few weeks of reading fiction, I've recently moved across to more autobiographical/memoir driven tomes and this currently reading is no different. I really enjoyed the Chris Packham book I reviewed here, and whilst #GirlBoss couldn't be more different, the stories parrallel in some respects. Both protagonists are hard workers who overcame adversity to gain traction in a difficult world, and whilst Packham's focuses almost exclusively on his love of nature and how this stitched its seams through every facet of his life, Amoruso takes the same route with fashion.

Bouncing from job to job and living hand to mouth, Amoruso's formative years were spent thrifting and styling when she wasn't getting fired from Subway. A dead end job taken on as a means to claim health insurance to treat a hernia gave her time on her hands and access to the internet, via which she set up an eBay store, Nasty Gal vintage. Fashionistas will know that the Nasty Gal empire is now vast and Amoruso is a multi-millionaire with a lucrative e-commerce business. The book attests that Amoruso achieved this goal through hard work and a drive to succeed, and #GirlBoss encourages you to do the same.

This book made for an interesting read. I definitely felt inspired by Amoruso's success. The book is easy to read, written in a chatty and straight to the point style, and whilst I didn't agree with every aspect of Amoruso's route to the top, I do concede that she got there, by her own merits and has created a very successful business. I passed the book on to a friend to read and I think it is exactly that-a great story to pass on to girlfriends or anyone who is thinking about setting up their own business, or simply in need of a little inspiration.

XO Amie
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