Products I've used up #23

June empties: Yes to blueberries Age Refresh wipes (here) Sanctuary Spa luxurious body butter (here) Korres Wild Rose instant brightening mask (here) and 24 hour moisturising cream (here) Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip treatment (here) Nivea Creme Care cleansing wash (c/o, here) Nuxe melting body scrub (here)

Despite it now being July, I just hadn't had the opportunity to post some of my favourite 'empties' from the previous month. I seemed to finish up a lot of products in May, so there wasn't really that much left to talk about this month! However I did want to look at a few of my favourite products, starting with these wipes by Yes to. I picked these up for a trip away-they are the smaller sized packet which costs £1.99. I don't usually choose makeup wipes, but they are useful for travel, and these ones are paraben free so they don't sting or irritate my face.

I've finally finished up my full sized tub of Sanctuary Spa body lotion which I have loved using. It's called 'luxurious' and it really is-skin softening and beautifully whipped in texture. I enjoy trying out different body lotions-they are always something I seem to have in abundance as they are often given as gifts so I don't need to buy more, but it's quite nice to get through one, especially when it's a giant sized tub!

I've written a full review on how much I adore these Korres products and this moisturiser and brightening mask are just lovely. I'd managed to make them last quite a long time as you only need to use a small amount, and I would certainly consider re-buying them as they were such lovely quality products which made my skin look great.

I'm having a real epiphany when it comes to Nivea products at the moment, I talked in depth about this cleanser in a previous post and I am still very much enjoying the Nivea Soft skin cream that I was using then also. It's so inexpensive and really effective-removing makeup and grime withough foaming or lathering as some cleansers do, but in a gentler way. It made my skin super soft and wasn't at all irritating either.

Something else that's been in my makeup bag for a really long time is this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip treatment. I adore this product-I've literally worn it down to a stub and it is such a great lipbalm alternative; great for softening and smoothing the lips. It's lasted an absolute age, too!

Finally I have also used up a tube of Nuxe body scrub. Essential for pre-tanning, this has been great to use on the legs to ensure there are no dry patches to which colour can cling. This melting scrub also smoothes the skin and the scrub is made out of crushed almonds with orange flower petals, so it smells amazing, too!

XO Amie
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