Capsule Classics: The Tee Shirt

Selected slogan tee (similar here) ASOS basic stripe tee (here) Weekday slub tee (similar here)

There are certain items that, if you decide to put together a capsule wardrobe, you will find you are always advised to buy. The humble tee shirt is one of them, and now that I'm a bit older I do find that investing slightly more in better quality cotton tee shirts is a definite bonus-no more twisted seams, shrinking or bobbling.

I never used to be interested in tee shirts because I always felt they were a bit basic, and whenever I would wear one, it would often have a cheeky slogan and be paired with cuffed jeans and stilettos (it was the noughties) but for the most part, a tee shirt was not high up on my shopping list must-have!

As my style has mellowed over the years, I love the way that a well cut tee can add a touch of French style to a more polished look. I love to wear a textured white tee tucked into silk trousers or a leather wrap skirt for office appropriate style, equally, pair it with ripped jeans, tan leather sandals and a throw on jacket for effortless spring style.

I've found a few styles that work well in my wardrobe. A slogan tee is a must; I still love a slogan but they have grown up a little bit since my clubbing days ('I love me' and a tamagotchi print one (!) that said 'I need a drink' were faves) and for chilled days they look great with jeans. The brand Selected make amazing tees, the fabric is so soft and they wash beautifully (no twisted seams!) Unfortch, the one I have is now sold out but this one is in the sale and super cute too.

Texture is a great way to avoid tees being too see through and this slubby one from Weekday is another favourite. This one is similar in cut and I usually size up to allow the tee to look a little baggier when tucked in, but that's just personal preference. I don't like to wear skintight clothes, but I know some people do and both can look equally as cool!

Finally a striped top is an essential for a lot of people and a point of difference is to choose a colour that is not the norm-this ASOS one is cream and burgundy, which is a refreshing change from the usual navy and white breton style (although those are perennial too!)

Great staples are surprisingly hard to find and I've definitely bought the odd clanger which has not passed the washing test! I particularly recommend the Weekday and Selected brands which offer excellent quality at really affordable prices.

XO Amie
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