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As April draws to a close, my wardrobe is in a bit of disarry after packing most of my 'winter' clothes away after I swapped over my capsule wardrobes at the start of the month. Of course, the weather then turned really cold again and for the last few days it's felt like every season in one day; from bright, warm sunshine, to hail and rain and even a little snow! Hopefully May will be brighter and warmer throughout as I am definitely keen to start wearing some of the new things I bought for my capsule wardrobe, but it's been too cold to do so!

This month also marked the launch of the #ArchivebyAlexa collection for M&S. I bought the white frilled blouse that I wanted but I was a little disappointed with a lot of the collection; not design-wise as there were some lovely things but they were all made in the most horrendous cheap feeling polyester and polyblend fabrics. Why! I am such a textural shopper and I can't bear to wear cheap feeling fabrics that make me feel sweaty and gross, so in the end the shirt (which is thick cotton) was all I bought. I then picked up a beautifully embroidered, lightweight shirt in the chazza which proves that you don't have to spend tons to get an expensive item; you just have to be prepared to dig a bit! The blouse was £3.99 and I think I will wear it a lot.

I have had to pick up a new pair of slippers this week as my kitten ones pretty much fell apart, I put them in the wash hoping to rescue them but they weren't quite right so I had to get a new pair. In the interim Adrian had a pair he got from a hotel room when his band was on tour. They are several sizes too big but I have been slouching around the house feeling very 'Lost in Translation' in them (and tripped over a couple of times too!)

XO Amie
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