Capsule Continuations #5

Adrian asked my the other day if I was still 'doing' the capsule wardrobe. It definitely made me think about the whole premise, as I have just swapped over my wardrobe from spring into summer. Technically, I wasn't supposed to do this until the end of June, but the weather has been so pleasant that I wanted to make the most of the clothes that I knew I had in storage. It was so nice to dig out some old favourites and start to think about what I need to buy for summer-hardly anything, at the moment, which is good for my wallet!

I have been making a big effort not to shop during between seasons, and if I have made a purchase I've been working on a 'one in, one out' policy! I really want to avoid having reams and reams of clothing again; I just feel drowned by stuff otherwise and can't see what I have in front of me. Putting together my summer capsule, there's definitely not much colour but there is some print, and there are also a few pieces that I didn't wear very much last year that I'm really excited to wear this year. I've also been wearing a the items I showed in my last capsule wardrobe continuations post, apart from these amazing M&S shoes as, sadly, they split after a couple of wears so I had to return them and my size had sold out!

I also been trying, as I mentioned in previous posts, to buy more ethically. This means that I have focused on buying more second hand, from charity shops or eBay, and making better decisions with my shopping habits. I really recommend a documentary called 'The True Cost' (on Netflix if you have it) which is a real eye opener in terms of how the fashion industry affects the environment as well as the impacts it has on women and children in particular in terms of labour force. Well worth watching.

XO Amie
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