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I've posted about apps before on the blog, I regularly include Instagram roundups and I also really enjoyed using the Stylebook app I mentioned here. My new favourite app is Villoid, and not just because Alexa Chung invented it (although that was a draw) but I am an avid user of Pinterest, and Villoid is like that but focused more on creating specific moodboards than just randomly pinning to particular boards (my Pinterest 'style' board has upwards of 500 pins, I forget what's on there!)

There are a wealth of options to choose from in terms of the layout of your board; you can upload your own pictures and theme boards to suit your taste. You can also follow other stylish users and create a list of items you 'love' on the site. You can shop through it, as well, so if you spot a piece you just have to have, it's easy to click through and visit the store.

The 'discover' section is also really useful, as it offers you a wealth of scrolling material. Other people's style boards; users, brands and products can all be searched and added to boards or 'loved.' It's a really great starting point when putting a look together or even if you're just on the lookout for some inspiration, Villoid is really great for that.

Have you downloaded Villoid?

XO Amie
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