Review: The Chin Up Mask: Non-Surgical Facelift

Chin up mask c/o Chin Up

I recently spotted a review on one of my favourite blogs, The Style Rawr, of a product that I'd not heard of but definitely piqued my interest. The Chin Up mask is advertised as a non-sugical face lift in a box-simply apply, and after 30 minutes you will have lost up to two centimetres of fat from your chin!

Now, this is very much a first world problem but I have definitely noticed that a sagging chin has become one of my less redeeming features. Jade put it so eloquently:

'I used to have a jawline for dayyyyyyz in my twenties but as one gets older you kind of wave at it helplessly as it packs a suitcase and leaves you' 

I can definitely subscribe to this; and unfortunately now in my thirties I have begun to feel really self concious about my chin and jawline and the way it looks. Something that has always stayed in my mind were wise words from my dad who advised me 'never to mess with your face, because you'll never ever get it back the way it was before' when I made a flippant remark about getting botox in older age. It really made me think, and whilst I have no judgement about anyone wanting to change the way they look, it can be a dangerous game-when do you stop?

However, a non-surgical treatment might be a nice way to see what a difference, if any, could be made, and so I got in touch with Chin Up who kindly agreed to send me a mask to try. The mask itself is a pre-soaked sheet which you apply to clean dry skin, and then you use a rather frightening looking bit of stretchy headgear to keep it in place for the allotted time.

The mask itself contains all manner of techy ingredients; including vitamin E, Q10 Co Enzyme, and Corum 9235, all of which assist in tightening and lifting that pesky flabby chin. There's also real fruit extract in there too, so the mask smells pleasant on application. 

I applied the mask as directed and strapped my head into the vicelike grip of the chin strap. I felt like a right wally and I would definitely not consider leaving the house or even answering the door in that getup. Even Adrian had to supress a chuckle at the ridiculousness of it! I had thought I might be able to have a drink whilst wearing it but it's a bit like having lockjaw; the lower parts of your face can't move at all. It was really uncomfortable by the end and I was clockwatching desperately trying to will the time to pass so I could take the ruddy thing off. All the while, the mask heats up and whilst a 'warming sensation' was stipulated on the packet, it was rather more fiery to begin with but this did dull down as time went on!

When I removed the mask I could notice that there was a bit of a difference. I don't think I applied the mask properly, as I didn't cover much of my actual chin with it, more the underside of my jaw and throat. However, I measured my jawline with the tape measure supplied and was surprised to see that there was a difference in the before and after measurements and that I had lost a couple of centimetres. I think this is more to do with the sagging skin being tightened by the active ingredients in the mask rather than any fat loss, but I was quite impressed. The second picture above is the 'after' picture and whilst I am standing up a bit straighter in that shot (which probably helps!) I think you can see that my jawline looks more defined and the jowly look is somewhat reduced. 

Something else I really liked about the mask was the way it left my skin really smooth. The neck and throat is often neglected in beauty routines and whilst I always try and moisturise my throat to avoid the 'turkey neck' syndrome, this was a really concentrated boost of intense hydration that has left my skin incredibly soft-so worth doing, for that reason alone, really.

Of course the results aren't permanent and though you can achieve better long-term results by using the masks every other day, I think I would prefer to use the mask as a one off treatment. It would be really good to use for an event, or if you were going to be photographed, for example at a wedding or party. 

The Chin Up mask costs £29.95 for a trial pack containing the chin strap, tape measure and two masks. You can find out more about the Chin Up mask here.

XO Amie

This post was written in collaboration with Chin Up 
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