Stylebook App £2.99 available on the App Store

Stylebook is an app that I'd heard of before, but until I started the capsule wardrobe project I had no real use for; the thought of photographing every item in my wardrobe seemed like a right chore and I felt like my blog was already record enough of the clothes I was wearing.

The app works on the basis that you photograph your entire wardrobe, and then you can use these pictures to create looks and keep  a track of what you wear on a daily basis. There are boards on which you can add inspirations (although I mostly use Pinterest for this) but there are a few other elements of the app that I really like.

There's a "Style Stats" section which will tell you your most and least worn pieces, helpful to see what works and what doesn't. I've been surprised at what I think I will wear a lot vs what I actually wear and the app allows you to see this clearly. I also really rate the "Packing" section which enables you to quickly and easily build lists of items to pack depending on your destination. 

My favourite section of the app, however, is the "Style Expert" section which contains articles on a whole range of fashionable topics, from style guides on how to improve your wardrobe, to Q&As with style experts, clothing care guides and also information from an expert tailor on clothing alteration. This section is packed full of interesting and well written articles and is really useful as an all round fashion reference point.

Stylebook costs £2.99 from the App Store and as someone who NEVER downloads apps, I was apprehensive to part with cash for this! However, it's about the same price as a fashion magazine, and certainly far more useful!

XO Amie

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