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Only throwing back to 2012 in this post, which seems like only yesterday but is, in reality, 4 years ago! It doesn't seem that long ago, but then looking at these pictures I hardly recognise myself without a fringe!

I would still wear this outfit in a flash and I still have the jumper; the trousers and shoes just became so worn I think I had to replace them with similar things in the end. So classic of my style, a slipper shoe and a peg trouser, classic, timeless and so easy to wear.

In the post, I talk about how I found some of the items I was wearing in the chazza. Sustainability and recycling has always been important to me when considering making purchases; notwithstanding the odd Primark trip (which usually resulted in me taking most of what I'd bought back!) I feel that definitely in the last 5 years or so my style has come to include more and more thrifted and second hand items. I think also making the move to Bristol was expensive, day to day life is expensive, and so as a matter of need I would charity shop for my fashion fix rather than dropping a load of cash on the high street. I do still shop on the high street from time to time, but I get so much more from finding a bargain and actually, I'm finding especially with my capsule wardrobe, the things I have spent money on, I am excited to wear and re-wear again and again, rather than buying cheap tops I might wear twice, I am enjoying fashion in a way that has more longevity.

XO Amie
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