Products I've used up #21: The Haircare Edition

Haircare Empties: Trevor Sorbie salon smoothing serum (similar here) // Umberto Giannini blow dry spray (similar here) // Toni & Guy shine gloss serum (here) // Percy & Reed volumising no oil oil (here) // Bumble & Bumble thickening hairspray (here)

Having long hair is something of a contraditction; in many ways, I find it much lower maintenance than when I've had a short 'do that I've had to 'style', as I find with long hair I have more freedom to try out different looks (when I can be bothered!) such as braids, updo's and curls. I've had my hair short with varying levels of success; the angled bob was a high point and the Bon Jovi mullet a low one, but since around 2009 I have been letting it grow and I am happy with it being long. I feel that it suits me and because it's so thick, having the length there gives it weight which stops it looking like a bush!

However, there are downsides to long hair. Washing it, for starters, is a right mission and then having to dry it, too, takes ages. If I wear my hair down and wear a scarf, it's instant dreadlocks, and if I wear a backpack or handbag on my shoulder, it always gets tangled in the straps and gets pulled. I've even shut it in my car door before! It's hard to keep it in condition, too; on a recent trip home I got my mum to chop a couple of inches off the length just to rid me of the split ends and make it look lustrous again rather than ratty, which is what can happen with long hair if you don't keep it trimmed.

I try not to overwash my hair and can get away with leaving it for around 4 days at a time before each wash. I try to wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week; I aim to tie in my hair washing with the days I work out so that I don't have to have sweaty hair (ugh!) Having tried a million and one different haircare products, I've finally got through a few that I particularly liked that I can talk about here.

A serum has been a relatively new haircare discovery but since I try to heat protect my hair, and with it being long and prone to tangling, I find that applying a serum before blowdrying definitely helps to condition and protect it. I have really loved the Trevor Sorbie and Toni & Guy offerings, which left my hair super soft and smoothed without the frizz that my hair is prone to after a blow dry. Likewise, the Umberto Giannini blowdry spray is also a great product for heat protection and it also smells amazing! This is a spray, so can be applied more liberally than the serums which have more of an oil like consistency.

Speaking of oils, this Percy & Reed 'no oil oil' was also a revelation. I was using this hair oil which is great but I found it really hard to judge the amount to use; I kept putting too much on which left my hair feeling a bit lank, as there is no measure in the bottle, you just have to guess. This 'no oil' comes out of the bottle with the consistancy of an oil but dissipates into a serum when applied to the hair. Again it left my hair feeling really soft and smoothed, and definitely helped with detangling.

I have also really liked using a texturising hairspray. This one is from Bumble & Bumble and it is really good, it adds texture and hold to the hair without the scent or crispiness of a typical hairspray. I like to spray this into my hands and then scrunch into the hair for movement and hold. 

XO Amie
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