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Vintage Scarves Bristol Textile Recyclers, vintage fashion, knitted scarf
Vintage knitted cardigan Bristol Textile Recyclers
 Vintage Scarves Bristol Textile Recyclers
Vintage Silk Shirt Bristol Textile Recyclers vintage fashion
Vintage Silk Shirt Bristol Textile Recyclers
vintage knitted jumper Bristol Textile Recyclers
BTR vintage aran knitted jumper

All vintage from Bristol Textile Recyclers

Where can you go and fill a bag with chazza goodness, end up with a load of cool things and still have change from a tenner? Bristol Textile Recyclers when they're having one of their infamous Kilo sales, of course! Now, I posted here about a travelling kilo sale I attended a few weeks ago, where vintage is £15 a kilo. At the BTR sale, it's £6 per kilo, so I ended up with almost as much for quite a lot less!

Now, the Vintage Kilo Sale held at the Paintworks is different-the vintage is well laid out, grouped together and easy to shop. At the BTR, the items are carefully sorted; be they donated clothes, charity shop over stock or resellable recycling, but they are then poured into huge hoppers for shoppers to pick through. As the sale goes on, more and more products are poured in-nothing is organised, you just have to dig. Kind of like a chazza experience, except in huge hoppers, in a giant warehouse!

To this end, you could spend hours looking through reams and reams of items. To begin with I actually struggled to know where to begin-it was a little overwhelming and there was just so much, with more being added all the time! However, my chazza-honed instincts soon took over and I had a good old rummage, and turned up some fab items.

Unlike the Vintage Kilo Sale, you can only pay cash at the BTR and I had only taken a tenner with me so as to avoid going too wild in the aisles. I probably could have spent more, but the things that I kept picking up were super heavy-denim and suede coats-so I had to have a tactical rethink and re-sort, to make sure I got the most for my money!

Here's what I picked up:

Knitted grandad cardigan (similar here) like my 'housecoat' which has a whacking great hole in the elbow, this is so cute and I thought it would be nice for spring evenings. A worthwhile find!
Scarves (cream knit similar here, checked similar here) After getting through winter with one scarf, I now have a couple more! The checked one especially is a perfect spring time scarf, it's really lightweight and soft.
Silk blouse (similar here) I know, I know. Another silk blouse. AND it's cream. So predictable. The fit of this is just perfection, though. It looks quite like Whistles to me-I've worn it several times already.
Aran Crafts knitted jumper (similar here) I was really drawn to the print on this knit, despite it probably not being the weather to wear knits for much longer. I dress fairly smartly for work, so at the weekend I relish being able to wear slouchy knits and ripped jeans.

The sum of this entire bag was £9.90 so I got the amount just right! I would highly recommend visiting the Bristol Textile Recyclers warehouse if you live in Bristol; you can find out more on the project and upcoming kilo sales on their website.

XO Amie
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