Things to do: The Vintage Kilo Sale

vintage kilo sale knitwear
vintage kilo sale room layout
vintage kilo sale, silk shirts
vintage kilo sale, knitwear
vintage kilo sale, jeans, jackets
Vintage Kilo Sale, silk shirts

The Vintage Kilo Sale visits Bristol

On Sunday I attended the second Vintage Kilo Sale I've ever been to-held at Bristol's Paintworks space and run by Glass Onion Vintage. This time, I was lucky enough to be able to go into the space before it was actually open to the public, which meant I could snap some pics; these events are busy and if you don't get there early, you will have to queue!

That doesn't really matter, though, as long as it's not raining, as Glass Onion Vintage, who joined up with Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs (post on that here) to promote the Kilo sales, bring 5 tonnes of vintage to sell and there are items for everyone-whatever style or genre you are looking for, with a bit of digging you're sure to find something!

For the uninitiated, a Vintage Kilo Sale is exactly as it sounds-you pay by weight for the garments you buy. On entry, you are given a carrier bag which you can fill with items from rails and rails of stock; there are also hoppers on the floor containing a multitude of items from silk shirts to denim jeans and everything in between. Stock is carefully divided into sections, making shopping easy; rails of shirts and blouses stand next to knitwear, leather jackets, dresses and flannel shirts. Prices are £15 per kilo, but there's no minimum or maximum spend, you simply pay as you weigh. There are also weigh scales dotted about for you to check the weight of your items before you pay-preventing any nasty shocks at the till! You can pay by card, too, so no need to worry about having the exact cash, which is also really handy.

Items are sold as seen and are not returnable, but there are changing rooms where you can give your finds a whirl before committing to buy. They are really just communal spaces with lots of full length mirrors, but it's easy to get the idea of  how the garments look and if you go with friends you can always offer opinions!

I ended up with some amazing items which I was really happy with and I will be posting a separate haul on these shortly. I actually had some ideas of things I wanted to get, and I was able to find some of the things I had hoped for which was great. It does get very busy, so try and get there early, and choose a backpack over a handbag if you can! Also think about what you are wearing if you want to try things on, just for ease of shopping!

XO Amie
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