Instagram Roundup: February 2016

instagram roundup february 2016

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Strange to think that the last 29th February occurred in 2012, but here it is again and February has felt like a long month! I think all those dark and dreary winter months do, but it's pleasing to see the mornings and evenings getting lighter again, and all the lovely spring clothes in the shops; pity it's too cold to wear them though!

This month I've continued with the capsule wardrobe challenge, and the end of March will signify the end of the 'winter' capsule and the changeover to the 'spring' one. I'm looking forward to having a good swap around of what I've got in storage but I fear a lot of it will still be too unsuitable for the freezing temperatures, although it will be good to see what I've got vs. what I need to buy. I really have very few things in mind, aside from a white shirt, some new jeans and a leather skirt, there's not all that much on my list! Capsuling definitely ensures that you assess your needs rather than just buying on impulse and this has definitely been the biggest lesson learnt from just undertaking this project since October last year.

I've been busy with the blog this month too, shooting outfit posts and beauty product posts as well as finding time to wander about around the south west-I've been out in Bristol on charity shopping trips and to vintage fairs, and last week nipped back to Devon for the day to help with a video shoot. It's been a busy few weeks and I have enjoyed it; it's certainly made the month pass although my January pay seems a long time ago! I echoed this sentiment in my last leap year post here!

XO Amie
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