Archived products I've used up: The Fragrance Edition #4

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Archived fragrances: The Body Shop Love Etc, Gwen Stefani L, Chloe Love, Chloe, Lush Karma, Versace Vanitas, Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers LOVE

I recently posted about my perfume collection here and there's something quite satisfying about really only having a couple of perfumes to wear. I used to be absolutely awful for buying fragrances all the time; as soon as I saw one on offer I'd pick it up, but then you end up with all manner of scents that you never seem to have the time to wear. Streamlining my scent collection to just a couple of bottles definitely means that I don't have to choose which I'm going to wear, or worse, find that one's gone off before I'd had the chance to wear it. And they aren't cheap!

However, to get to the point of having only a couple of bottles of perfume meant a backlog of fragrance to finish up. I didn't buy any others until I'd finished what I had, and I thought it would be fun to look at some of the ones I'd got through, and what I thought of them.

The Body Shop 'Love Etc' (now discontinued, this smells similar) I bought this scent back in 2010 and I remember this because a friend of mine worked for The Body Shop at the time, and bought me a handcream from the range. I loved the scent-it's quite sweet and floral, but not sickly, and has been compared to the classic Chloe scent and also to Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf. I wore it until it was discontinued, and then I found a couple of bottles in a sale in my local branch, so I bought both and continued to use them until they ran out. Thanks Love Etc; you were a lovely fragrance!

Gwen Stefani L (now discontinued, this smells similar) Ah, my early to mid noughties signature scent, this amazing fragrance by Gwen Stefani still remains a fave, despite being pretty much impossible to get hold of now. Dousing myself in this before a night out was a common occurrence, and I had copious bottles of this stuff (I smashed a practically full one on the bathroom floor, too.) It is said to smell similar to scents by Marc Jacobs; a clean, organic scent that lasts for ages. 

Chloe Love (still available here) I bought this thinking I'd love it, and although it reminds me of Chanel No.5 a little, it's just too powdery a scent for me. I made myself use it up, but it certainly wasn't my favourite and I wouldn't buy it again. I think I thought it was something else when I bought it, which was a pity as it wasn't cheap, or what I'd hoped. 

Lush Karma (full review here) This is technically not an archived scent as I still wear it now! I've raved about it so much-you can check out more in this post.

Versace Vanitas (still available here) A really green, crisp scent with top notes of lime and freesia, I really liked this perfume which I wasn't expecting to. I'd thought that Versace fragrances would tend to be quite sensual, heavy and musky, but this was completely the opposite. Despite launching in 2011, it's still relevant and available to buy today.

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers LOVE (now discontinued, similar here) Can you tell I was a fan of Stefani back in the day?! I loved her music and her style and this Harajuku doll fragrance is so cute, despite having about a teaspoon's worth of scent in the bottle which was used up almost instantly! I kept the bottle as it was so sweet; rather like the scent which boasts top notes of rose and peach. I love the smell of rose and so did enjoy wearing this. 

Perfume throwback: Which scent did you wear back in the day?

XO Amie
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