Payday Please

As ALWAYS, payday comes around too slowly and brings with it a new plethora of wants. I've been really good about buying selectively and spending less money on fripperies and "must have" items so it's no surprise that I head for my very favourite brands as soon as I get a bit of money in my pocket.
One that's up there is the Quiksilver women's line, I shark a lot of this on eBay as it's very expensive but really is worth the money as it's made really well, with great attention to detail and using quality materials (I love their silk blouses.) But if I can get it for cheaps over on the 'Bay, why wouldn't I?! I am obsessing over polka dotted denim at the mo and I am keen to add these gorgeous shorts (above) to my collection, actually shorts are something I hardly have any of so they'll be a wise investment. Likewise that beautiful chambray shirt-I'm loving it. The silk blouse is gorgeous but I think it's limited to the US so I will HAVE to hunt for that one elsewhere.
With regards to my other items (it's such a mishmash!) I am desperado for a proper Barbour jacket, at just over £100 this one is probably quite good value though requires thinking about, though cost-per-wear it's probably a good buy. In trend terms I am keen to try a pair of creepers and a pair of flatforms and am liking the look of these ASOS ones; I wanted a pair of white Converse but actually I might just skip out on those and buy these instead.
What do you want to buy for Spring?
XO Amie
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Claudia Kitten said...

I love the polka dot shirt! I have some flatforms from ASOS and they are so comfy and great value for money - deffo get them!
Claudia xxx

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Love the Barbour jacket, and i NEED some creepers!! xx

Anna said...

I really love that shorts in the last photo!!
I´m thinking about a DIY :)

Anna C

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