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Looking back to 2012 in this Archive post in which I wanted to share some of my favourite images of this Primark fluffy jumper, and also explain why I no longer shop at the store! This is a bit contradictory I know, as I really did love this jumper and got good wear from it; although sadly I simply wore it to the point that it looked like an old rag and eventually it was only fit for the recycling bin!

As I've mentioned previously, taking part in the capsule wardrobe challenge has had a big impact on the way I view shopping for clothes. Where I'd often just head to the high street for a browse, and end up with some pretty top I might wear once or twice, I now take a more calculated approach and shop for items that I actually need, as opposed to simply wanting. I choose not to step in to Primark partly because it can be very difficult to see things clearly in the store (there's just so much stuff!) and also because after watching the film 'The True Cost' I have really been made to feel more aware of the impact that fashion has on the environment; and as such I have been making much more of an effort to buy second hand.

I have no judgement on anyone choosing to shop at Primark though; I appreciate that it does offer low prices although not always in return for quality. I think as I've got a little older I choose to spend slightly more on one item I really love, rather than ten things I only sort of like. I do think it's interesting to note that I would still wear this jumper today, if I still had it; I really like the colours and textures and it was a very easy to wear piece; it's just a pity it didn't last longer!

XO Amie
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