Wearing: Topshop Lila jeans, Primark fluffy jumper, La Tenace ballet pumps, H&M faux fur stole.

Promise this is the last time you'll have to suffer through pictures of my blooming navy ballet pumps! Much adored as they are, I have recently taken delivery of some newbies from Betty London, that I'm sure you'll be seeing soon. They are bound to become my newest favourites so you'll probably be bored of those too!

I finally spent some (most) of my birthday money from my mum and dad last week. I wasn't sure what to get with it, but I ended up buying a few key things for my AW wardrobe. One of them was this super cosy knit which I picked up in Primark of all places, somewhere which, I'm not going to lie, I have been a bit snobby about due to it's "fast fashion" and "cheap as chips" ethos, which I have felt, in the past, encouraged me to spend without thinking about whether I really need to. I tend to buy more classic pieces which I feel will see me through the seasons, and I have never really felt that Primark would be conducive to finding me these. However, I was wanting to update my knitwear collection and some of the pieces I found whilst on a trip to buy some tights (I always buy tights and socks here!) really surprised me. I found some trousers which I had been lusting after in Topshop, for a quarter of the price in Primark, (pretty much identical-do you think they all use the same supplier?!) and some of the sweaters I picked out were of a quality that belied their price. So maybe I was a little quick to judge; mind you, I haven't washed any of them yet, which always stands as the true test of quality!

The things I did manage to find have updated my wardrobe beautifully. I wore this fluffy jumper with skinny black Topshop jeans, and added to the fluffy factor with last years H&M stole (you know the season's turning when the faux fur comes out!

I wore my hair in a little low pony and backcombed it to make it a little fuzzy. I'm all about the fluff and fuzz in this look! I wore this to spend the day with my family who came up to visit me. We mooched around the city, had a lovely lunch together at my home and generally enjoyed spending time together. It was a fabulous day and I hope I get to do it again soon!

Hope you're having a good week. What do you think of Primark? Do you shop there? I'd love to know.

XO Amie
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Kaz said...

Ooh lovely jumper! Your hair looks so pretty :)
Kaz x

Trudy Danso said...

The jumper is amazing!!


Sophie said...

i love this outfit! I think you can find a few gems in Primark! I featured some Primark purchases in this post if you want to take a look :)


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